1st Spirulina Juice

🆕Vegetable Juice with Spiral Spring💚

📣What happens if I drink vegetable juice every day?

Advantages of drinking green juices every day:

Helps relieve digestive problems: Its fiber content helps combat some conditions of the digestive system, for example: colitis, gastritis, constipation, intestinal cramps or reflux.

Recipes: TROPICAL 🏝

Ingredients: 🥒🥬🍍🫒🥦

> 2 stalks of celery
> half a cucumber
> 2 cups of baby spinach
> 3 cups of mint leaves
> 4 slices of pineapple
> half a lemon
> 5 grams Spirulina (spiral Spring)

Mix the ingredients in a juicer to your liking, use the celery stalks to decorate your drink, ready!

💚🥰Feed yourself with Spirulina every day and you will notice the changes it makes to your body, an incredible source of nutrients and proteins, ideal for everyone.
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