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Spiral Spring

Blue Spirulina + Propolis and Vitamin C

Blue Spirulina + Propolis and Vitamin C

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Changes in your energy levels.

When you start taking spirulina in the first few days, the increase in energy levels and immunity is gradual. In the end people get used to being in better shape and it will be considered normal. However, if you stop taking spirulina for a certain period of time, your energy level and immunity will return to their previous level. You can try it for yourself by stopping taking the product for a while.

Recommendation of Spirulina servings.

10 drops in the morning and 10 drops in the afternoon.

Liquid spirulina is complemented with your serving of spirulina powder or tablets.
In general, when someone is very physically active or has a very stressful job, their body will need more nutrients, so the dose of spirulina must be increased. It would also be recommended to increase the dose during or after an illness or before and after an operation.

Our extracts have a characteristic natural color and aroma which is obtained from the mixture of spirulina and a solvent.

An extract is a solution of the active ingredients of a plant in a certain medium that acts as a solvent. In all extracts there are a minimum of active ingredients. Depending on the plant it is made with, it will have some benefits or others.


Spirulina is a blue-green micro-algae in the shape of spiral filaments, which is specially cultivated in closed ponds with a controlled environment, under rigorous sanitary conditions and with the use of the most advanced techniques. In a dry state it contains 60-70% of proteins rich in essential amino acids, healthy carbohydrates, omega 3 essential fatty acids, a large amount of vitamins, minerals, natural pigments and enzymes.

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