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Spiral Spring

Chlorella in Pellets 75 grams

Chlorella in Pellets 75 grams

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Chlorella in Pellets

Natural energy in every ball! Our Chlorella Pellets offer a powerful dose of vitality in each 75g jar, with approximately 150 nutrient-packed pellets. This carefully cultivated green microalgae is a concentrated source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals essential for your daily well-being.

Each ball is a small treasure of nutrients that will strengthen your immune system, improve your digestion and increase your energy levels. Do you want a boost before training or a help to stay focused throughout the day? Our Chlorella balls are the answer.

Carefully packaged to maintain their freshness, these balls are easy to consume and perfect to take everywhere. Add a touch of health and vitality to your day with our Chlorella Pellets: concentrated nutrition in every dose!


Low in calories, Sugar-free, Gluten-free, Trans fat-free.


Protein, essential and non-essential amino acids, iron, calcium, essential fatty acids, folate, vitamin E, omega 3.

Suggested minimum serving:

Take 1 to 6 balls daily or instructions
competent professionals.

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